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The Oil Pollution Act of 1990 mandated the creation of a national database of response resources that would be maintained by the Coast Guard NSFCC. This voluntary equipment locator system, known as the Response Resource Inventory (RRI), was expanded in 1995 to accommodate the needs of the Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) Classification initiative.

The RRI includes data received from companies that wish to have their equipment listed in a publicly accessible system, as well as data generated from the OSRO classification program. Participation by private industry is voluntary except for classified OSROs, whose participation becomes mandatory when they apply for a classification.

Through this application, providers can submit their data via the Data Submission Process. If the data is submitted by an OSRO requesting classification, it is processed to determine which requested Captain of the Port (COTP) and operating area classification levels are appropriate. Those results are forwarded to the National Strike Force (NSF) for additional processing and follow-up.

Pre-defined or customized reports are generated and additional reports on subsets of data can be obtained by contacting the NSFCC. The response resource data is available by resource categories which include skimmers, transfer pumps, boom, vessels, HAZWOPER trained personnel, etc. OSRO-specific reports are placed on the NSFCC's web page for availability to internet users.
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